All plastic products, including packaging, wrapping, catering smalls and more.

Paper packaging, paper catering products, tissue products & a variety of other products!

All party accessories & decorations!

A variety of catering products, including consumables & equipment.

Various foil products

A wide variety of cleaning products such as Dishwashing liquid, Floor cleaner, Mops, Brooms, Brushes, Window Cleaner, Drain Cleaner, Disposable gloves & aprons, Mopcaps, Hand Soap, Anti-bacterial cleaner, Black Fluid, Handy Andy and much more!

Our range of men & women perfumes are perfect for wedding favours, party favours, baby shower give-aways, kitchen tea favours, birthday gifts or just for yourself!! Affordable and long lasting fragrances for everyone! We also stock a large range of

Come visit our shop to browse our ultimate range of glass bottles, jars, viles, perfume bottles and more!

A selective range of popular packaging equipment is available. Film wrap machines, Vacuum Pack machines, Shrink Film Dispensers, Hand Sealers and more.

We can supply you with a large range of foam products, ranging from cups and tubs, to trays & fold over containers.